Friday, August 5, 2011

Crafty lass...

I have neglected my blog for much too long... Sad, yes.

I figure its time to share a few of those projects that don't involve any sort of recipe or food stuffs.

Hopefully you enjoy:

Numero Uno:
Awesome repurposed ottoman.

This lovely addition to our family room has been cluttering up our "storage" space for the passed 4 years.
( I forgot to take a before pic., so this is not the actual ottoman, but pretty dang close!)

I have always wanted to give it the face lift its wrinkly facade so desperately deserved. Unfortunately a month or so ago, I found myself dangerously close to taking it out of the garage and putting it well on its way to good will, until...

I met this fabric.
Then I met its sibling in chocolate brown. Even better! Add the two together with a whole lot of staples and a few tears...

Brand new family member. Well, not quite that awesome, but pretty close!

By the way, there is a puppy on the couch, see if you can find it!


Here is a purse made with the extra fabric from the pillows in that same room. Leftovers rock.

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