Monday, May 30, 2011

Heavenly Leftovers...

The other night I found myself starting dinner by looking at a whole bunch of leftovers piled on the top shelf of my fridge. I couldn't justify making a whole new meal when all of these uneaten portions from previous meals made, were lurking. They reminding me that this new meal I was about to make would eventually joint them in their sad plastic demise. I probably walked back and forth at least 3 times until it dawned on me that if threw most of them together, they would make a pretty decent meal!

So here it is, the details of the forgotten turned into the beloved:

What i had in my fridge:

1 baggy of cooked corn
about 10 oz. of turkey breast
a whole bunch of raw carrots
Half an onion
2 and a 1/2 potatoes
and 2 stalks of celery
Stir it all together with seasonings, add a little flower, milk and butter....
Shove all that stuff into a homemade pie crust, bake for 25 min. and voila!

DELICIOUS.... if i do say so myself.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Flave...

A while ago, I heard someone describe themselves as not much of a cook, but they were one heck of a baker. Before this statement hit me in the face, I had always associated baking and cooking with one another- thats even with spending the passed 5 years in the food industry! To explain this lack of discernment, I blame my fantastic mom. There isn't one thing she's baked or cooked that didn't turn into something absolutely mouth watering! Therefore, if you can cook, you can bake. Well, the reason the statement at the beginning rang a bell with me is I don't feel like much of a cook, I cook because we gotta eat... but baking, baking is an art. All that time to get the taste and texture down to a science, then when it comes out the way it should have... Oh man, nothin' better.

On one of my more recent baking adventures I discovered, or rather, rediscovered zucchini bread. Ryan and I participate in a food co-op and one week we had 5 zucchini in our basket. In my world... theres a million things to do with zucchini, but do you really want 5 zucchinis worth of side dish? I think they sat in my fridge for almost two weeks just staring at me, begging to be turned into something worth while.

One of these days, I couldn't stand their little beady eyes on me anymore, so I got the idea for zucchini bread. I love a good cook book and the same old regular recipe as much as the next person, but I can't seem to leave well enough alone. I HAVE to change something about it to make it my own. I sat and found three recipes I liked and made up a combination for what i hoped would be a keeper. Last week was our food co-op and we got 7 tiny yellow zucchini, again, those little eyes... this is the second batch i whipped up and sure enough, its a keeper! A few miner changes on flour, but the rest came out beautifully, if i do say so myself.

* Side note: My cute nieces and nephew were over during this passed batch of Zucchini bread and they were smitten with this new treat. My nephew, Josh exclaimed "Aunty em, this is better than anything eva." (if you have ever heard me do my nephew Josh's voice, this will make more sense. If you haven't, just imagine pretty dang cute.)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ain't no thang...

So, blogging. Blogging is foreign to me, yet here I am determined to blog my heart out. This is no easy task, since you see I over think. I am an over thinker and I am doing just so as I type. In fact, this is the fourth time re-writing this very sentence. This "over thinking" is something I want to challenge and fight to the death. I over think because I am horrified of what others opinions may be. Self conscience be damned, I will prevail. Anyway... my goal, if you will, for this new adventure is to be forthright and to share a few ideas of the "oh so fun" baking projects and home decor antics I endeavor in.
As I've though, I am excited to get back into writing. At one point in time, I was a decent slinger of words. However the world of texting has me ending every sentence with ..., a dash or a smily face these days. This first attempt is shaky at best (forthright *wink*) but, I hope to improve as I ripen with experience.