Monday, May 9, 2011

Ain't no thang...

So, blogging. Blogging is foreign to me, yet here I am determined to blog my heart out. This is no easy task, since you see I over think. I am an over thinker and I am doing just so as I type. In fact, this is the fourth time re-writing this very sentence. This "over thinking" is something I want to challenge and fight to the death. I over think because I am horrified of what others opinions may be. Self conscience be damned, I will prevail. Anyway... my goal, if you will, for this new adventure is to be forthright and to share a few ideas of the "oh so fun" baking projects and home decor antics I endeavor in.
As I've though, I am excited to get back into writing. At one point in time, I was a decent slinger of words. However the world of texting has me ending every sentence with ..., a dash or a smily face these days. This first attempt is shaky at best (forthright *wink*) but, I hope to improve as I ripen with experience.

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