Monday, May 30, 2011

Heavenly Leftovers...

The other night I found myself starting dinner by looking at a whole bunch of leftovers piled on the top shelf of my fridge. I couldn't justify making a whole new meal when all of these uneaten portions from previous meals made, were lurking. They reminding me that this new meal I was about to make would eventually joint them in their sad plastic demise. I probably walked back and forth at least 3 times until it dawned on me that if threw most of them together, they would make a pretty decent meal!

So here it is, the details of the forgotten turned into the beloved:

What i had in my fridge:

1 baggy of cooked corn
about 10 oz. of turkey breast
a whole bunch of raw carrots
Half an onion
2 and a 1/2 potatoes
and 2 stalks of celery
Stir it all together with seasonings, add a little flower, milk and butter....
Shove all that stuff into a homemade pie crust, bake for 25 min. and voila!

DELICIOUS.... if i do say so myself.

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