Sunday, August 7, 2011


These wonderful flowers are courtesy of my dogs. Aren't they lovely? Of course, I am a little bias as to their loveliness since I have painstakingly tended them over the passed 2 months.

Here are the culprits:


and Moose
Moose is the most recent addition and is only a year old right now. He is annoying, destructive and has no sense of personal space (meaning he will plop down right on top of you if it so pleases him), but he is the most tender thing and we love him. He's a doofus, but a loving doofus!

(Close friend, Chancho, over for a visit.)

They love to play and today they decided to play in my flower bed. NOT COOL. They are huge and lumbering beasts, but I can't help but love every clumsy ounce of them.
Even after moments like this!
(Destruction provided by Moose)

Many times people ask Ryan and I what in the world we do with them, why didn't we kicked them to the curb and are we going to get rid of them some day.
My answer, absolutely not.
And here's why.
They are a part of our little family and will be until the day we must sorrowfully say goodbye to our wonderful and loyal friends. But until then, we expect many days of playing in the grass, cleaning up muddy paw prints and sun bathing with these happy pups.
As cheesy as it is, there truly is nothing like the relationship one can have with their pet. I guess it just takes one to know one!

Hopefully these pictures made you smile.
~This one is from all of us here in the Shelley Household~

*Not ours, but he's definitely one of the cutest pups I have ever seen. Look how droopy he is!

Not ours either... thank goodness!

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